What Others Say About Chris…

“If you are hurting from sore or tight muscles, Chris Collins can stretch you, advise you on exercise choices to improve those area.  My husband, Ken and I are in our 70’s and feel much better, more flexible and stronger thanks to advice and expertise that Chris brings to his chosen profession.  Give Chris a call today.”  ~Charlene Kerns, Client of Chris’ since 2009 and West University resident – Houston TX

“Chris is a true class act. Dependable, responsive, always trying to meet peoples needs. I would recommend Chris in any business opportunity. He is always striving to excel and provide value. Customers/clients are the focus of all his actions.” ~Shannon Kendall, RSD, Orthofix

“Chris Collins represents a “strength” that I value above all others and that is integrity!! He is a terrific coach, guide, personal trainer, motivation man,on ad infinitum. I think the world of Chris; he absolutely steered me in the right direction from some nasty habits I had acquired in the gym over the years. He made me aware that you don’t have to “kill” yourself to be physically and emotionally fit. I have the highest regard for Chris and owe him a great deal for all he has done for me for the last 16 years!! ~Judge Sherwin F. Biesman”

“Chris worked with me in creating a successful documentary video for Sports Illustrated. (“The Magical Season of the Macon Ironmen” http://www.jesse-gordon.com/stage/gallery.html). Chris’s tenacity, story-sense and producer skills were instrumental to the project. We literally could not have made the video without him. While working together I was struck with his professionalism, intelligence and work ethic. I highly recommend Chris Collins.” ~Jesse Gordon, Head Honcho, JMAN Productions, Inc.

“Chris Collins is a strength and conditioning trainer who is dedicated to his clients. He is dependable and, most importantly, provides a safe work out for his clients, while challenging them to get out of their comfort zone.” ~Janice Morales hired Chris as a Personal Trainer in 2002

“Chris is a extremely diligent when working on a project. He perserveres even when it takes an inordinate amount of time on a project. He is thorough and disciplined and is excellent at follow up and keeping others informed. A personable and hard working individual who I am propud to be associated with.” ~Jeff A. Brueggemann, CONSULTANT/HEAD COACH, Major League Baseball

“Chris has shown a great deal of self-motivation and dedication to any endeavor he has chosen. He has a tremendous ability to communicate with clients and cares about everyone around him. His determination and belief in what he is doing separates him from most people I have been associated with.” ~Sam Trusner, Equipment Manager, Millikin University

“Chris, is very good at working with people and brings a lot of experience to his field.” ~Mark Voss, manager, FAMC

“Chris’ way of getting great results from a planned form of workout is simple. Listen to what he tells you to do in training and show up as scheduled. He is extremly knowledable and knows how to delive his product well. I highly recommend Chris.” ~Dorothy Frazier, hired Chris as a Personal Trainer in 2012

“If you want to accomplish your fitness and well being goals, you will want to incorporate resistance training into your routine. I recommend Chris Collins as a personal trainer for various reasons; experienced, results-oriented, dependable, consistent, accountability, camaraderie with him as well as meeting others, support system, and exercising safely and effectively. Chris Collins has been in the sports and fitness industry for over 30 years.” ~Kathryn Jost, hired Chris as a Personal Trainer in 1998

“I have known Chris since 1982 when we worked together in the oilfield service industry and have always known him to be honest, responsible, hard working and someone I enjoyed working next to. We became lifelong friends and though we no longer live in the same city, we still keep in touch and I can honestly say he hasn’t changed at all.” ~Garon Pollard, President, Namco Corpus Christi Distributing Inc.